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Moonhopper’s paints and glazes are just what you need for your models. Sometimes you need a specific paint or glaze for a task, and often you find that there simply isn’t one. That’s why our Paint Pixie started mixing ours. We have developed our range so that they can be used in their own right, or with each other to create complimentary effects. From alien landscapes to snow crusted mountains and moonscapes, you can literally paint anything with our technical acrylics.

Why not take a look at our range of paints guide. This tells you what each paint does, and we’ll be highlighting the qualities, as well as giving hints and tips on using Moonhopper paints and glazes. We have lots more in the pipeline, so keep your ear to the ground.

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Moonhopper paints and glazes

Here comes trouble – Raging Heroes figures have arrived!

Our resident Paint Pixie has been busy this week on two additions to her increasing shelf of figures. One is the beautifully cast Sashenka, a Kurganovan Yaga Soul Weaver, and the other is the buxom and dangerous redhead that is Kiki Bulldozer, both from Raging Heroes.

Both are already nearly finished, which is impressive as the Paint Pixie has been rushed off her feet this week getting stuff onto shelves and mixing more oddball paint combos up. We may even sell some of these new additions shortly. Watch this space.

Kiki from the Jailbirds range is an astonishing figure, not least because of her sheer brazen violence, as seen by the poor chap she’s tied to a pole as a flag. Mildly unhinged, she’d happily fire a thousand rounds at you while putting on her lipstick. This is one babe you don’t want to mess with. A bio experiment survivor, she’s supposed to be a gentle giantess, but even so, you don’t want to mess with her – she was designed to be a weapon, born and bred to kill.

These figure have been painted using our own range of Moonhopper Paints, and we’re quite pleased with the results. Sashenka’s robe has been painted using our Fighter Blue paint, with just hints of Imperial Indigo. Anyone who knows anything about Russian folklore will know that the title Yaga comes from ‘Baba Yaga’, or Grandma Snake. She’s an old witch, very unpredictable and by use of cybernetic implants, her and the other Soul Weavers use their powers to bend the forces of nature.

Sashenka comes as a single kit, and is a steal at £11.99, while Kiki at the moment, comes as part of the Heroes Box: The Big Ones, priced at £42.99. We are buying in more Raging Heroes characters, and given the interest in Kiki, we may be getting into stock soon as a single packaged figure shortly.

So, who do you want to put down on the table in a fight? Sashenka or Kiki?

Only one way to find out. Tell us who and why!

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For a full description of our paints, glazes and how to use them, check out Our Range of Paints.

Rachel Parham Original Artwork: Bubblegum Soldier

Limited Edition Artwork – Bubblegum Soldier

We’re thrilled to announce the sale of original artwork by Rachel Parham, who was especially commissioned by us to produce three limited edition paintings. The first of these is Bubblegum Soldier, and would be a sassy edition to any young girl’s bedroom.

This painting has been fine printed at A3 size, limited to 200 copies, signed by the artist herself, complete with a certificate of authenticity. But don’t despair if you can’t get hold of one of these. We’re also producing smaller framed copies at A4 size. You can hang it on the wall or put it by the bedside. An essential print for young rebels anywhere.

To see more of Rachel’s artwork, visit her Instagram page – Rachel Parham Design.

Take a look at our Flock Pots!

Need to bung grass and foliage in awkward places? Why not use one of our Flock Pots. A little goes a long way, and these pots will help you make anything from a hilltop battlefield, to an alien arid landscape. These are made with a safe hydrophilic compound, and the colours are mixed to produce the flock pots. Used in conjunction with our grasses and Terrain Pots, you can achieve some stunning effects and scenes.

We stock four types. Meadow Green is a lush verdant green, that you can sprinkle on hills and apply to give a grassy texture. Moss Acre is a harsher green, that can be applied sparingly to rocks and cliff edges, ruined buildings and walls as an aging medium.

Flock Pots - Moss Acre
Moss Acre: MG4055

Harsh Marsh is a brown, dull and nasty weed, and again is good for ruined terrain, decaying landscapes and flurrying over urban detritus. Finally, Wellsian Red is our tribute to HG Wells. Anyone who’s read The War of the Worlds is aware of the insidious Red Weed that crawls across the landscape once the invading Martians have established their hold on the Earth.

This our homage to the floral menace, and can be used to cover rocks and other features.

Flock Pots - Wellsian Red
Wellsian Red: MG4065

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Take the plunge!

We supply a number of tools to help you assemble incredible scenics to enhance your gameplay. Take a look at the selection of Green Stuff rollers that we supply. The Dungeon Plunger Cutter we believe is literally a gamechanger. Just cut up Green Stuff, clay or salt dough into small pieces, press the cutter into it and you have made your own dungeon tiles. Only £10.88 plus VAT.

We also stock Green Stuff World rollers. These are intricately made, finely detailed and allow you to roll over putty or clay, epoxy resins or green stuff to make the thematic prints of your choice that can be made into tiles or used to enhance figure bases.