Stargrave Crew and Mercenaries now in stock!

This brilliant box set allows you to build 20 Stargrave crew members, either as standalone crews, or as part of a pirate crew. With a fantastic mix of human and alien heads, you can create strange new worlds – especially when used in conjunction with other Stargrave box sets. These figures require painting and assembly.

We painted up 4 squads of 5 in complementing colours just to give you an idea of the different looks these guys can have, but really being Pirates…well, they could be painted whatever colours you choose!
We used Revell Contacta Professional Liquid glue for plastics to assemble this kit.

A quick spray outside with primer, using Dark Grey Expo Primer on these – we sell light grey and white too – and they’re ready to paint. Here you can see the finished items.

Stargrave crew and mercenaries

Here are the Moonhopper paints we used for each squad…

Light Blue Squad:

Fighter Blue, Sword Silver, Base Flesh, Base White, Base Black.

Camo Squad:

Base Black, Fighter Blue, Base Flesh, Base Brown, Khaki Dream, Pewter Paint

Orange Squad:

Base Orange, Base Grey, Desert Storm (Technical paint), Base Black, Base White, Base Brown, Base Flesh

Red Squad:

Base Black, Base Grey, Base Red, Tank Green, Base Flesh, Sword Silver, Base White

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Additional tools we used for painting the Crew were our detailing brushes set, and to finish the scene, we printed off and prepped some of our Space Station tiles from our 3D Download library.

Stargrave mercenaries and crew

For the uninitiated, Stargrave is set in a galaxy that has been devastated by a galactic war, in which pirates roam between planets pillaging, extorting, enslaving and generally causing mayhem. In amongst this all are the mercenaries, smugglers and freedom fighters that attempt to make a living or sorts.

Stargrave enables the players to take on any of these roles in the form of a crew, in which each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, powers and backstory. There are aliens, each with their own special abilities and technocrats that harbour specific skill sets that will be useful in a vast array of scenarios. In a Stargrave campaign, a crew will carry out numerous missions, whether it is to break into a fortress, freeing slaves, or battling the aforementioned pirate fleets. In doing so, the skillset of the crew will increase, and will naturally attract the attention and ire of the pirates!

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