Elf Light Infantry

Elf Light Infantry, whether bow-armed Rangers or the swordsmen of the Pathguard, are tough and versatile troops, as likely to be tasked with scouting and setting up ambushes ahead of the army, as with defending supply lines or key objectives from enemy raids. This boxed set offers enough parts to build 30 Elf Light Infantry for the Oathmark armies.

This set comes with lots of extra parts and square bases, allowing you to assemble the single figures together for any battle or weapons stance. The bows, arrows, shields and other accessories make it easy to make each Elf individual. We even popped a a spare head on one of the spears as trophy kill!

We painted the infantry in complementary greens and blues, and used a white wash on the shields to create the weathered look.

We used Revell Contacta Professional Liquid Glue for assembly. Then, we did a quick spray with primer using Expo Light Grey and White too.

Moonhopper – Games paints used here were:

Sword silver
Base flesh
Base white
Base black
Base brown
Khaki dream
Base grey
Base brown
Base red paint
Base green
Base Indigo

Other materials we used were Sandy Grass tufts and DIY woody bark for basing cover.