Well, what can we say? Green Stuff is an amazing material (check out our Assembly Guides page for tips on how to use it). We stock both 6 inch and 18 inch lengths, as well as a whole range of tools that you can use in conjunction with Green Stuff to make your own terrain and bases, as well as sculpting literally anything with it. For decent scuplting tools, please check out our Game Tools page for our current stock.

Rollers and Stamps

We also stock Green Stuff World’s amazing set of rollers for creating detailed patterns on Green Stuff. From medieval landscapes to steampunk, to the far future and back, all manner of scenes can be created with the aid of these finely detailed, non-stick masterpieces of modelling. Another incredible tool is the Dungeon Plunger Cutter set, which we think is a bit of a game changer – so we’ve stocked lots of them.

Silicone Moulds

Green Stuff World also produce a range of silicone moulds which allow you to create intricate components for scenery. From old tyres for a Second World War battlefield, to conduits on a spaceship, you can pretty much make what you need from this selection of moulds.