Our paints are specially formulated by a genius. We’re not kidding. Our official Paint Pixie has designed a range of acrylic technical paints for use on models, so that you can create special effects to make your terrain more realistic, enabling you to produce stunning finishes to any set piece.

Technical Paints

Volcanic Lava: MG2010

A specially formulated technical paint that simulates molten lava. Dribble it down scenery, into cracks and make lava pits with it. Has a slight gloss finish and bubbles nicely. Use in conjunction with our Volcanic Rock Terrain Pot.

Martian Dustbowl: MG2015

A gritty paint, good for figure bases and landscaping. Can be used in conjunction with our Wellsian Red flock pot or Terrorform terrain pots for creating scenery and dioramas.

Desert Storm: MG2020

A gritty paint for sandy environments. Use a little to leave sandtrails or use lots to base models. An excellent weathering paint when dusted onto metals and stonework.

Pastoral Green: MG2025

Are you thinking hazy days, jumpers for goalposts, small puppies chasing butterflies? We’re not. Camoflage maybe, the odd spot of moss or basing your hardware perhaps.

Neptune Blizzard: MG2030

An eerie blue, speckled and streaked with darker blues.

Martial Blue: MG2035

For the posher uniforms and vehicles utilised by the higher ranks. Works well as a basing paint for metallics.

Psycho Lavender: MG2040

A slightly off bluey purple to accentuate darker ones. Excellent when used sparingly using the dry brush method.

Scorch Marks: MG2045

A dry paint for burn marks, carbonisation and general wear and tear on vehicles, buildings, hardware…any wear, anywhere.

Frostbite: MG2050

For frosting, building an icy patina…use sparingly or heap it on for wintery effects.

Quagmire Brown: MG2055

Yuck. You wouldn’t want to wade through this stuff. Our special formulation is designed to crack during drying.

Khaki Dream: MG2060

A battle khaki colour, excellent for vehicles and heavy duty equipment. Works well with weathering washes.

Ruin Dust: MG2065

A dry paint designed to leave a dusty mark on anything it scrapes. Use with a flared brush for the best results.

Battle Bronze: MG2070

An aged bronze effect that works well with one of our other paints, Hurdy Verdigris. Hint: for any bronzework, use a suitable dark brown or dark grey base paint before applying the bronze.

Sword Silver: MG2075

A nice silver with a semi chrome effect. Use suitably dark washes to knock the shine down a notch to taste.

Forged Gold: MG2080

A smooth gold that is great for gilding and tiny details. Also works well alongside our other metallic technical paints.

Bloodbath: MG2112

Nuff said. Use spots of it. Flick it over things. Leave nasty puddles here and there. For real gore, massacres and things of a nasty ilk.

Bubbling Lava Pit: MG2117

Create bubbly blobs and speckles of heat in your lava with this paint. The sister paint to our Volcanic Lava.

Digger Yellow: MG2122

Does what it says on the tin. And will decorate any tin, as long as it’s in an industrial setting, or needs warning stripes. Or is big enough to kill you by running you over. Works well with weathering paints and finishes.

Tank Green: MG2127

For armour plating enthusiasts everywhere. A nice, no nonsense military tone that you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Fighter Blue: MG2132

If you want go faster stripes on silver, or for hardware that conveys a certain degree of authority, confidence and the odd hint of extreme violence, give Fighter Blue a whirl.

Imperial Indigo: MG2137

Has almost material hues, can be used sparingly as a layering agent for blues, purples, black even to bring it up a bit to add depth and character.

Violent Violet: MG2142

Think pustules, decay, monsters tongues. Use this stuff for that sort of thing.

Base Black: MG2200

Well, what else can we say? Black….Black…BLACK: Like the darkest night, come to spirit us away…BLACK, BLACK…BLAAACK! Haunting our days like a living death…BLAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

Base White: MG2300

It’s white. Do we need to say anything else?

Castle Grey: MG2157

For old ruins, and for the younger amongst you, for painting scenery of a stoney ilk.

Hurdy Verdigris: MG2162

For knackering up old copper and bronze tones with a verdigris sheen or weathering.

Pewter: MG2167

Good for painting up the cheaper stuff in the castles that the jesters wouldn’t be seen dead pinching.

Pirate Pyrite: MG2172

An iffy gold colour, best used as bling and chattel – more for spoils than royalty.


Red Indicator: MG2123

For flashy bits, a nice glassy red that can be used for control boards, lamps, red alert signs.

Orange Flash: MG2128

Good for using on the reverse lights of your spacecraft. Especially good if it takes five lightyears to do a handbrake turn. Other systems of indication are available.

Yellow Glaze: MG2133

A nice little glaze, can be used on anything from machinery to pus-filled boils.

Green Glow: MG2138

This literally does glow (well, if you hold it under a light long enough). Gives an eerie phosphorescence wherever you paint it.

Blue Streak: MG2143

For plasma rifles, light swords and laser beams.

Blue Visor: MG2148

A nice little scenic glaze that is clear enough to paint on helmet visors, opaque enough in small touches to look like blue perspex.

Purple Haze: MG2153

Gives a nice glaze with a gentle hint of purple. Internal organs, or slimy creature tentacles would benefit from a quick touch of this medium.


We also stock some acrylic primer sprays. Expo primer sprays are the go to choice for priming your acrylic models ready for painting. We stock this in three colours – white, light and dark grey.