Big Box of Paints

Big Box of Paints


Moonhopper Game’s Big Box of Paints

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Acrylic base paint kit for heroic scale models, scenery and detailing.  Contains all the ROYGBIV base colours, as well as base monochromes, Base Brown, Base Rust, Coproxide and Caelum Blues, Flesh, Base Pink and Bile.  Enough to easily paint a small army!  Also comes with a small set of detailing brushes to enable you to paint your miniatures and models, a pipette and a detailing eye glass for close up work.  What more do you need for you or a loved one to get started on a hobby?

Comes in a neat little box that you can easily store away…enough room inside to store more Moonhopper paints, technical paints and glazes.  A no-brainer bargain when you look at how much you save when you buy a box than buying the paints and all the accessories separately (£61.95).

Check out our paint guide page to see how you can use these paints effectively and efficiently, thus saving you time and money.