MG8000 – The complete set of Moonhopper paints and glazes

MG8000 – The complete set of Moonhopper paints and glazes


MG8000: All the paints and glazes.

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Please note that this is a bespoke set of paints and glazes and as such is not normally available to customers.

Total list of paints and glazes:

MG2010 Volcanic Lava – paint
MG2015 Martian Dustbowl – paint
MG2020 Desert Storm – paint
MG2025 Pastoral Green – paint
MG2030 Neptune Blizzard – paint
MG2035 Martial Blue – paint
MG2040 Psycho Lavender – paint
MG2045 Scorch Marks – paint
MG2050 Frostbite – paint
MG2055 Quagmire Brown – paint
MG2060 Khaki Dream – paint
MG2065 Ruin Dust – paint
MG2070 Battle Bronze – paint
MG2075 Sword Silver – paint
MG2080 Forged Gold – paint
MG2085 Celtic Copper – paint
MG2112 Bloodbath – paint
MG2117 Bubbling Lava Pit – paint
MG2122 Digger Yellow – paint
MG2123 Red Indicator – glaze
MG2127 Tank Green – paint
MG2128 Orange Flash – glaze
MG2132 Fighter Blue – paint
MG2133 Yellow Glaze – glaze
MG2137 Imperial Indigo – paint
MG2138 Green Glow – glaze
MG2142 Violent Violet – paint
MG2143 Blue Streak – glaze
MG2148 Blue Visor – glaze
MG2153 Purple Haze – glaze
MG2157 Castle Grey – paint
MG2158 Orange Spark
MG2162 Hurdy Verdigris
MG2163 Punky Pink
MG2167 Pewter – paint
MG2172 Pirate Pyrite – paint
MG2200 Base Black – paint
MG2300 Base White – paint
MG2400 Base Grey
MG2501 Base Red
MG2502 Base Orange
MG2503 Base Yellow
MG2504 Base Green
MG2505 Base Blue
MG2506 Base Indigo
MG2507 Base Violet
MG2508 Base Brown
MG2509 Base Rust
MG2510 Coproxide Blue
MG2511 Caelum Blue
MG2512 Bile
MG2513 Flesh
MG2514 Base Pink
MG2520 Base Magenta
MG2600 Matt Glaze

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