3mm Diameter Neodymium Magnets (24 pack)


3mm Diameter Neodymium Magnets (24 pack)

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These 3mm diameter magnets are 1.5mm deep, and can be used in conjunction with any Moonhopper tiles (MG0008 and MG0009), as well as our 3D download prints.  Used in conjunction with our Foamex Jig (GT5000), you can easily connect or disconnect tiles from each other.

Made from high grade N52 grade Neodymium, each magnet has a vertical pull of 356g flush to any mild steel surface.  The North and South poles are on the flat faces, and each magnet has a triple-plated Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating  for optimal corrosion resistance.  These are also ideal for tiny model details where weapons or fittings need to be changed on the tabletop

We give a packet away of these free if you buy 8 of our 300mm tiles (MG0009) or 32 of our 150mm tiles (MG0008).   Please observe the safety notice on the packet before use, and please be aware that if you have an allergy to nickel, to handle these using nitrile gloves.


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