WB0001 – Castle Bundle


The complete set of basic castle walls and some bespoke tiles, ready to print and create your own layouts. Use in conjunction with our castle tiles. Buy all these tiles

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Contains 31 printable models. A massive saving off of buying these separately. May take a little while to download. Make a cup of tea or something while you wait!

Contains the following:

Floor tiles (Different paving patterns and castle tile variants).

CA0001 CA0002 CA0003 CA0004 CA0013 CA0014 CA0031 CA0044

Wall and corridor components.

CA0101 CA0102 CA0103 CA0104 CA0105 CA0106 CA0107 CA0108 CA0109 CA0110

CA0111 CA0112 CA0113 CA0114 CA0115 CA0210 CA0211 CA0212 CA0213 CA0213


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