What’s the average delivery and dispatch times? We aim to deliver our stock within two to five working days. If there’s a delay or a bit of a demand for the more popular items, we’ll tell you. If you’re happy to wait a couple of days, we’ll get your order sorted.

Why don’t you stock Games Workshop stuff? The boss has banned it – not that we or he dislike their stuff. Au contraire…we love it, but he doesn’t do Busman’s holidays (you should see the amount of stuff in his loft – how many Orks?). In fact, if it wasn’t for the Citadel kits we wouldn’t have even got started.

What we are here for is to give the GW crowd and the whole of the plastic crack brigade some incredible alternatives that they can use to improve their gameplay, and in doing so allowing them to create new dispossessed armies for use separately or even within that pantheon. In other words, increase the play options and provide decent tools for better game play.

Why Moonhopper Games, not Moonhopper Models? Good point. But a bit pedantic really.
Even so, good point. We’re not just here for the gamers and the hobbyists, some of our materials and tools can be used by other artists, jewellers, cake makers, model railway enthusiasts. We guarantee that you’ll find something on our site that you’ll find very useful.