The Raging Heroes range are exceptional heroic scale figures, a joy to assemble and paint. Made in France, these figures are finely detailed and what sets these apart from a number of ranges is that the heroes are predominantly feminine. Also, each force has their own mascot.

We stock three of these ranges – the Jailbirds, the Kurganovas and the Iron Empire collections. They complement other armies on sale by other companies out there, and are a welcome addition to the tabletop.

Each kit comes with assembly instructions, even so, check out our Assembly Guides page for more information.

Jailbirds Collection

Wow. When we first saw the Jailbirds collection last year, we bought a set out of curiosity, and now we’re supplying them in retail out of love. These are gorgeous set pieces in their own right, and are an absolute joy to paint.

The Kurganovas

The Kurganovas are a powerful dynasty, with vast and powerful armies, benefitting from cyber enhanced paganic magic. This enables some of the Kurganovas to become werewolves or werebears.

Iron Empire

The Iron Empire consists of exiles that have harnessed necromantic knowledge from alien phaeronic gods. These troops can raise the dead and have the expertise and skill to create biomechanical nightmares.