We have created a nice array of scenic materials that you can add to any terrain or diorama, increasing the realism and the fun.

Grasses – Meadow Green (100 tufts): MG4010

For verdant pastures and lush greens, our grass tufts add to the scenery.

Grasses – Scrubland Green (100 tufts): MG4020

For slightly grubby wastelands and open spaces you wouldn’t want to be caught out in, these are a good addition to set pieces, especially in a post apocalyptic setting. Next to ruined walls, old rusty hulks, that sort of thing.

Grasses – Weedy Scrub (100 tufts): MG4030

Percy Thrower would be spinning in his grave if he had to deal with this lot. A nice grotty touch to desolate scenes needing a bit of desolate landscaped decay.

Grasses – Alien Tundra (100 tufts): MG4040

Nice tufts of otherworldly foliage. Different colours for different layouts.

Flock Pot – Meadow Green: MG4050

A nice quick way to get scenics down on a table. Put your base colour down (we’d suggest our Pastoral Green paint if you’re basing), wait to dry, add a bit of PVA glue to the places you need your flock to go, and voila.

Flock Pot – Moss Acre: MG4055

A 12oz pot of grim weedy badness. Put your base colour down (we’d suggest our Tank Green paint if you’re basing), wait to dry, add a bit of PVA glue to the places you need your flock to go, and you’ll have a dank feel to the landscape in next to no time.

Flock Pot – Harsh Marsh: MG4060

For marshes, quagmires and stagnant messes everywhere, use this flock to add a grim depth of realism. Use a brown or very dark brown paint, wait to dry, add PVA glue where you’d like to add the Harsh Marsh, and bingo! Another hellhole ready for play time.

Flock Pot – Wellsian Red: MG4065

Anybody would think that we liked War of the Worlds! This red weed is designed to be as alien and yet, almost usable anywhere, anywhen. Used in conjunction with our terrain pots, and looks good with our Martian Dustbowl paint.

Terrain Pot – Dammit Granite: MG4112

For that good old seventies, ‘the Beeb filmed it in a quarry’ look. Add these rocks to any landscape for a realistic boulder strewn vista.

Terrain Pot – Shattered Glass: MG4114

Not real glass! There are health and safety rules against that you know. Even so, our safe acrylic alternative, lovingly violently and charmingly smashed into shape by our Paint Pixie makes a good addition to broken buildings and abandoned vehicles.

Terrain Pot – Volcanic Rock: MG4116

This stuff is the business. Looks and feels like proper volcanic fallout, which is safe, and non-toxic despite the way it looks. Use clear PVA glue to add it to your set pieces. A little goes a long way.

Terrain Pot – Terrorform: MG4118

We just went a bit bonkers designing this product. I think we were watching re-runs of old Star Treks from the sixties, or had eaten too many Smarties that afternoon. An excellent terrain material for fairy tales and visually abstract landscapes.