Here come the stormtroopers!

They’re mean and they’re ruthless. Have a look at our Eisenkern Stormtroopers. These are made from fine cast plastic, sitting at 28mm high.

These figures will need to be primed before you can bring them to life with our colours. Ideally, you will need a dark grey primer, such as the Expo Acrylic primer spray prior to painting.

These iron core troops sport light grey armour. The tone of the armour for these figures have been created through a combination of our own Base Black and Base White paints. This isn’t all, however. I have also used our Pastoral Green and Bloodbath paints to detail these figures. In particular, check out the camouflage on the officers hats.

Now no soldiers would be complete without a good set of weapons. To add to these tools of destruction I have opted to add Pewter (over our Base Black paint) and Silver Sword paints to be the base colours for their firearms. Another thing that makes these figures stand out are the bases.

To echo their combat worn environment, I have created textures by adding sand and charcoal to add depth with other elements to the base, embellishing these with Desert Storm, Base Black, Quagmire Brown, and finally Khaki Dream paint – all of which and more can be found in our shop.

Take the plunge!

We supply a number of tools to help you assemble incredible scenics to enhance your gameplay. Take a look at the selection of Green Stuff rollers that we supply. The Dungeon Plunger Cutter we believe is literally a gamechanger. Just cut up Green Stuff, clay or salt dough into small pieces, press the cutter into it and you have made your own dungeon tiles. Only £10.88 plus VAT.

We also stock Green Stuff World rollers. These are intricately made, finely detailed and allow you to roll over putty or clay, epoxy resins or green stuff to make the thematic prints of your choice that can be made into tiles or used to enhance figure bases.