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Moonhopper Game’s Big Box of Technical Paints

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Here it is – our Opus Magnum.  The Big Box of Technical Paints (BBoTP) contains our very best technical paints and glazes, as well as some nice tools for making the most of your models and accessories.

The BBoTP also comes with a small set of detailing brushes to enable you to paint your miniatures and models, a set of spatulas for modelling and scraping, and a torch* for testing out your luminous paint jobs once you have done them.  Like its sister box, the BBoTP comes in a neat little box that you can easily store away, a top notch purchase or a first class present for the hobbyist in your life.

An absolute bargain when you look at how much you save when you buy this box rather than buying the paints and all the accessories separately (£78.99 in total – a saving of £12).

The technical paints and glazes in this set are:

MG2010: Volcanic Lava
MG2015: Martian Dustbowl
MG2020: Desert Storm
MG2045: Scorch Marks
MG2050: Frostbite
MG2055: Quagmire Brown
MG2070: Battle Bronze
MG2080: Forged Gold
MG2112: Bloodbath!
MG2117: Bubbling Lava Pit
MG2123:  Red Indicator
MG2133: Yellow Glaze
MG2138: Green Glow
MG2143: Blue Streak
MG2153: Purple Haze
MG2158: Orange Spark
MG2162: Hurdy Verdigris
MG2167: Pewter
MG2172: Pirate Pyrite

This special gift set price is exclusive only to the Moonhopper Games online shop.  Prices on our eBay and Etsy shops vary.  Check out our paint guide page to see how you can use these paints effectively and efficiently.

*  Please note: Torch requires 3 x Type R03/ AAA batteries, not included for transit reasons.

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